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Cambridge Personality and Social Dynamics Research Group


Gregory Serapio-García is a 1st year PhD student and Gates Cambridge Scholar at St John’s College, Cambridge.

Greg broadly examines the psychometric properties of Internet big data; his current research explores how social media data predict personality traits and dimensions of mental illness. In general, Greg is interested in social data science, the overlap of clinical disorders with everyday personality traits, and personality differences across cultures. His research is also attentive to the hierarchical taxonomy of personality.

Greg completed his B.A. in Psychology at the University of Notre Dame as a Glynn Scholar in the Glynn Family Honors Program, graduating as an early inductee into Phi Beta Kappa. He minored in the Idzik Computing and Digital Technologies Program with a certificate in Cyber Safety and Security. 

At Notre Dame, Greg received training in clinical and personality assessment from former advisors to the development of DSM-IV and DSM-5—Prof. David Watson and Prof. Lee Anna Clark—at the Center for Advanced Measurement of Personality and Psychopathology. He also served as a computational social science research intern for the U.S. National Science Foundation and Notre Dame’s Center for Research Computing where he developed an interest in applying high-performance and distributed computing to the field of psychology. In an interdisciplinary capacity, he was selected as an Undergraduate Fellow to the Notre Dame International Security Center (NDISC).

Outside of the lab, Greg enjoys cooking ramen omelettes and watching Studio Ghibli movies. Ask him about Northern Indiana winters.