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Cambridge Personality and Social Dynamics Research Group



Jason Rentfrow is Professor of Personality and Individual Differences at the Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge. He is also a Fellow and Director of Studies in Psychology at Fitzwilliam College and a Research Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute.

His research concerns person-environment interactions. He focuses on the ways in which personality is expressed in everything from people's preferences for music to the places in which they live. Example of past projects include examining the link between personality and individual differences in music preferences and predicting voting patterns based on statewide differences in personality.

His research has been cited over ten-thousand times and published in international peer-reviewed journals, presented at international scientific conferences, and featured in radio, television, and print media, including BBC, NPR, CNN, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Sunday Times, The Economist, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Psychology Today, and Science. He has also worked as a consultant and scientific advisor for several organisations, including the BBC and EMI Music.

Prof. Rentfrow received his PhD from the University of Texas, Austin where he was supervised by Prof. Samuel Gosling and Prof. William B. Swann.

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