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Cambridge Personality and Social Dynamics Research Group

The Cambridge Personality and Social Dynamics Research Group is led by Dr. Jason Rentfrow, Reader in Personality & Individual Differences at the University of Cambridge, Fellow at Fitzwilliam College and Research Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute, the United Kingdom’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence.

Our research group examines how personality is expressed in a variety of domains, many of which are classically overlooked. Examples include work on how personality is spatially distributed across regions, and predicting it based on somebody’s political ideology, music and movie preferences. A related interest concerns the development of new methods for studying behavioural manifestations of personality, including the use of online social media and mobile sensors.

This interdisciplinary research is enabled by the PSD Research Group’s team members having a diverse set of backgrounds, and research collaborations around the globe. The Nokia Bell Labs and the Cambridge Personality and Social Dynamics Research Group have entered a formal collaboration agreement, co-founding a PhD Student and providing research opportunities in the intersection of Psychology and Computer Science. Past projects include extracting ambiance scores from Flickr and relating them to personality data aggregated on postal code.

Additionally, we work with many collaborators around the world, including Columbia University, King’s College London, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of Helsinki and University of Texas, Austin.

If you are interested in learning more about the current and past team, click here. If you are thinking about joining the research group as graduate student or intern you can find more information here.